Ken Tanaka was born in Tokyo. He received his BA in architecture from Tama University of fine arts, Tokyo and MA in industrial design from University of California Los Angeles. He worked with major architectural and design firms including Hamano Institute, Tokyo, and A. Quincy Jones Associates Architects, Los Angeles, before establishing his own studio in Los Angeles in 1994.

KEN TANAKA STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary design entity, providing architectural, interior, furniture and landscape design services, with the goal of integrating all aspects of design to achieve highly individualized projects. Using environmentally friendly materials, Tanaka strives to attain the highest standards with integrity, style, and originality.

The work of KEN TANAKA STUDIO has been published in journals and books in the United States and Japan.

From an article published in the japanese journal, “Interiors”, july 1990 –
“Ken Tanaka’s work embodies an abundant spirituality. His style is neither ornate nor plain, nor is characterized by extravagance, rather, he aims at creating the kind of salubrious spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone.”
Takenobu Igarashi, Artist.

田中玄 東京生まれ。多摩美術大学建築学科卒業、カリフォルニア大学ロサンゼルス校 (UCLA) デザイン学部大学院修士課程終了。浜野商品研究所環境計画部、A. Quincy Jones Associates Architects等のデザイン,建築設計事務所の 勤務を経て1994年、ロサンゼルスにKEN TANAKA STUDIO設立。住宅設計、インテリアデザイン、レストラン、店舗等の商業施設、オフィスインテリア、家具デザイン、ランドスケープデザインなど日常の生活に関わる全てのデザインを自身の手で総合的に手掛ける。


KEN TANAKA STUDIOが普遍的な機能、素材、かたち、空間、光の追求を続ける中、最も重要な意義は「いかに普通で、平凡そうでいてほかにはない、新しいデザインができるか。」である。

インテリア誌「室内」の1990年7月号, 「インテリア次代をになう人々」より: