Toro Canyon Guest House

Project: New Guest House Addition / ADU
Location: Montecito, California
Description: 1,200 sf. Guest House on 10.4 Acres Lot
Design: 2022
Client: David and Susan Kalt
Status: Schematic Design Phase
Completion: Unknown

Tigertail House 3

Ken Tanaka Studio

Ken Tanaka Studio

Ken Tanaka Studio

Project: New House
Location: Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Description: Re-building the house burned down by the Getty Fire in 2019
Design: 2021
Floor Area: 3,000 sf with Attached 2-Car Garage
Client: Eiko Noble
Status: Schematic Design Phase
Completion: Unknown
Credit: Becker Miyamoto, Land Surveyor
Ralph Stone and Company Inc., Soil / Geo Engineer
Murashige Onishi Engineering Co, Inc. Structural Engineer
Obando & Associates, Civil Engineers

San Vicente Apartment

Project: Interior Renovation to Existing Apartment
Location: Santa Monica, California
Description: Interior renovation including living room, kitchen, bathrooms
and bedrooms
Design: 2021
Client: Robert and Eri Chutuape
Status: Permitted
Completion: Unknown
Credit: FC Consulting Engineers Inc., Structural
A&N Design Group, Title 24 Energy

Japanese Friendship Garden

Project: Azumaya in Sankei-en
Location: Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego
Description: 12′ x 12′ Azumaya Pavilion
Design: 2022
Client: Japanese Friendship Society of San Diego
Status: Under Construction
Completion: 2024
Credit: Executive Committee, Dennis Otsuji, President
Keiji Uesugi, Landscape Architect
Murashige Onishi Engineering Inc., Structural Engineer
David Sipos, Minka Woodwork, Carpentry
Benancio Carreno, Contractor