Toro Canyon Guest House

Project: New Guest House Addition / ADU
Location: Montecito, California
Description: 1,200 sf. Guest House on 10.4 Acres Lot
Design: 2022
Client: David and Susan Kalt
Status: Schematic Design Phase
Completion: Unknown

Tigertail House 3

Ken Tanaka Studio

Ken Tanaka Studio

Ken Tanaka Studio

Project: New House
Location: Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Description: Re-building the house burned down by the Getty Fire in 2019
Design: 2021
Floor Area: 3,000 sf with Attached 2-Car Garage
Client: Eiko Noble
Status: Schematic Design Phase
Completion: Unknown
Credit: Becker Miyamoto, Land Surveyor
Ralph Stone and Company Inc., Soil / Geo Engineer
Murashige Onishi Engineering Co, Inc. Structural Engineer
Obando & Associates, Civil Engineers

Japanese Garden and Tea House

Project: Tea House
Location: Bel Air, Los Angeles
Description: 1,200 sf detached Tea House for UraSenke-Tea Master in 57,000 sf property
Lot Size: 57,000 sf
Completion: 2024
Client: MW Moraga LLC
Status: Under Construction
Credit: A.G.I.Geotecnical Inc. Soil / Geo Technical Engineer
Frankie Chiu Stractural Engineer
Graystone Engineering Group Inc. Civil Engineering
Creative Engineering Group Title 24 Energy
TUA Inc. Landscape Architect
The Mat West Comp. General Contractor
Soken Inc. Kagoshima Japan. Tea House Interior

San Vicente Apartment

Project: Interior Renovation to Existing Apartment
Location: Santa Monica, California
Description: Interior renovation including living room, kitchen, bathrooms
and bedrooms
Floor Area: 1,586 sf
Design: 2021
Client: Robert and Eri Chutuape
Status: Under Construction
Completion: 2024
Credit: Projex Pacific Inc., General Contractor
FC Consulting Engineers Inc., Structural
A&N Design Group, Title 24 Energy

Japanese Friendship Garden

Project: Azumaya in Sankei-en
Location: Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego
Description: 12′ x 12′ Azumaya Pavilion
Design: 2022
Client: Japanese Friendship Society of San Diego
Status: Under Construction
Completion: 2024
Credit: Executive Committee, Dennis Otsuji, President
Keiji Uesugi, Landscape Architect
Murashige Onishi Engineering Inc., Structural Engineer
David Sipos, Minka Woodwork, Carpentry
Benancio Carreno, Contractor